Termite/Dry Rot Repair Huntington Beach
Termite/Dry Rot Repair Huntington Beach.
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Termite Repair in Huntington Beach:
They say “You can’t stop termites from coming back once you treat, repair or replace the damaged wood”, in my book, that’s a myth. If you get rid of the environment they are attracted to, you can detour them very effectively.

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You can distinguish between Termite damaged wood and Dry Rot damaged wood by the following:
Termite wood has holes and tunnels and you will notice tiny pellet droppings in and around the damaged wood. Whereas Dry Rot damaged wood is warped, soft and you can sometimes easily poke your finger through it.

All Termites are attracted to damp wood. Thus they are attracted to Dry Rot Wood (which is caused by prolonged and reoccurring periods of wetness). And I’m sorry, I do not know why they call it “Dry Rot instead of Wet Rot”. Say that 3 times fast.

In Huntington Beach, especially near the coastal areas, we have the perfect environment for Termites. Shielding the bare wood areas is the goal. A good paint job, tight wood miters and proper caulking is what we’re talking about.

But there are trouble spots that are hard to get to with paint and caulking, such as the top of fascia boards where they meet the sheathing or shiplap. These trouble spots are usually behind gutters or have a roof tile overlap, which make it almost impossible to paint. These are very common areas for termites to find a doorway. A metal edging covering these areas usually does the trick.