Termite/Dry Rot Repair Huntington Beach
Termite/Dry Rot Repair Huntington Beach.
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Termite/Dry Rot Repair Huntington Beach  Termite/Dry Rot Repair Huntington Beach

It is our approach to combine our wood repair efforts, with Termite fumigation as follows:

1) Replace only the termite damaged wood that is necessary, i.e. the wood that is structurally too far gone to support what it is designed for, or wood that can’t be patched and painted.

2) Kill the Termites! If the structurally bad wood is replaced but some tunnels remain in the structurally good wood, further damage will not be done and you’re good to go.

This approach actually saves you money and is less invasive to your house. Can you imagine what it would cost to go through the house and replace attic rafters and wall studs, just because they have a few tunnels in them? Spot treating doesn’t work for wood that is hidden from view. It’s effectiveness is marginal at best on the wood that is visible and out in the open. As an expert in this field and also a pretty sharp consumer, I choose to fumigate my house every 10 years at least. I would not let a Termite company on my property who uses spot treating methods.

As part of our wood replacement services, we can also arrange a competitively priced termite tenting.
We can help you through this process, 3-days and your done. Call us for a ballpark estimate and details.