Termite/Dry Rot Repair Huntington Beach
Termite/Dry Rot Repair Huntington Beach.
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Tip 1:
The Lower the Lic #, The Longer In Business. Check Our Lic. 452151 and 390685, 1984 and 1980 Check out the CSLB and Compare Consumer

Tip 2:
It is Unlawful for a Roofing Contractor to Provide Wood Repair Services with the following exceptions:
a) He also carries a framers or general contractors license. (Class B or C5)
b) He hires or subs out to the properly licensed contractor. (Class B or C5)
c) The woodwork is a minor part of a larger roofing project.

Tip 3:
When hiring a termite/dry rot repair contractor wherein the roof is involved, hire a roofing contractor who can also perform wood repairs. But if the wood repairs are extensive you may need to hire both specialty contractors.

Tip 4:
Hire a contractor who is also concerned with what caused the dry rot in the 1st place. If the source of the damaged wood is not corrected, the problems will reoccur over and over again.

Tip 5:
Make sure the contractor understands that structural wood such as rafters and fascia cannot just be cut and spliced haphazardly, because they are structurally important. For instance rafter tails support the roof and it may be necessary to completely replace them which means going all the way through the attic. Fascia is also a structural component and decisions need to be made so as not to disturb the structural integrity of the area. There are also creative ways of partial replacements without compromising the structural integrity.

Tip 6:
Hire a Dry Rot contractor who will be conservative and not replace everything that may have a few termite tunnels that can be treated. A conservative wood repair approach combined with a treatment or fumigation, will save you money and provide a thorough and concise job.

Tip 7:
Walk around with the Termite/Dry Rot Repair Contractor and understand what your home needs, ask questions. It’s best to put your heads together and make decisions. Choosing which wood to be replaced and how are subjective dicisions, and different contractors will have different ideas and techniques.