Termite/Dry Rot Repair Huntington Beach
Termite/Dry Rot Repair Huntington Beach.
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ABOUT Dry Rot Repair Irvine, with Pride Dry Rot Repair Irvine, Owner Brecht R.

As consumers ourselves, my wife Debbie and I are tired of contractors falling far short of what they promise. Every contractor says they're the best, but too often the results are disappointing. This is a common experience for many homeowners.

Many years ago, we decided to model our business around the idea that we would provide a different kind of contracting service. Our Dry Rot and Termite repair business would be one that people could count on for reliability, quality and longevity. That's what we've done, our past customers have experienced that they could count on us, and our future customers have confidence because of our reputation.

We are a Professional Licensed Dry Rot and Termite Repair Contractor, established in 1980. Lic #390685 & 452151 Bonded and insured, but more than that, we surpass the Irvine Dry Rot and Termite Repair standards and techniques by far.

At OC Pride Dry Rot Repair, we do not follow basic industry standards, we exceed them. If the average homeowner only knew what goes on behind the scenes, they would be disheartened to put it mildly.

I am constantly amazed at what kind of individuals actually get away with calling themselves "Dry Rot and Termite repair experts". This includes contractors and their employees... That said, in rare cases competent "experts" do exist and they would also share my opinion about the industry throughout Irvine.

My wife Debbie and I started our contracting business in 1980, the same year we were married. That's over 35 years of quality jobs and satisfied customers. While living and working in beautiful Irvine, we have raised two wonderful children, now ages 34 and 35 and raising families of their own also in Irvine.

As in a family, the Dry Rot and Termite repair business has many challenges. One of our greatest, has always been trying to hire competent Journeyman Carpenters. We attract the best, because we take good care of them, plus we train them our way. The main component of a quality job however, is for the Contractor to stay involved in the field-work, and be aware of what is actually going on.

It is a mistake to assume that all Dry Rot and Termite repair contractors follow proper techniques. The reality is that contractors and workers are pretty much on their own, and faced with a lot of variables that few pay attention to. This is why the wood components on your house need never ending maintenance..

At OC Pride, you get true quality Master Carpenter Craftsmen (as defined by us), because we train our guys from the ground up, without the baggage of poor industry techniques. We will prove that you made the right decision throughout the job and not just during a sales pitch.